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After visiting the Galápagos, I wanted to continue to support the life of this unique place and to further our knowledge about it; I was excited to have an opportunity to continue my connection through my adopted lava lizard child, one I had met personally. I recently told a young “herp”- enthusiast friend about “my” lizard; when he searched for it, the very first thing he found online was the beautiful page from Reptiles of the Galápagos book, with my name on it as the sponsor! I'm so proud to be a lizard parent!

Kim Harrell, sponsor of the Santiago Lava-Lizard

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I happily adopted the land iguana to support development of the exquisite and authoritative Reptiles of the Galápagos book because, unlike other guides on this topic, its aim was to do more than merely help the reader identify each reptile (which it does do very well). For each species, it also supplies habitat and conservation assessments, island by island, alerting scientists, teachers, guides and the public to each species’ status and to the dangers it faces.

Kathryn Tosney, sponsor of the Galápagos Land-Iguana

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As a tortoise biologist in the United States, it was a dream come true to visit the Galápagos and see giant tortoises in the wild. It was therefore an honor to “adopt” the Santa Cruz Giant-Tortoise to help support publication of Reptiles of the Galápagos and to help share information about all the amazing reptiles and their conservation on the archipelago through this beautiful book.

Roy Averill-Murray, sponsor of the Santa Cruz Giant-Tortoise

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This thoroughly-researched and beautifully-illustrated field guide in an invaluable contribution to science, education, and environmental conservation. I wanted to contribute to the development of their second book project, the Reptiles of the Galápagos. What better way than adopting a species? I could help support the initiative and feel a personal connection to the Galápagos Islands. The day I visit Galápagos with the book in my backpack, I hope to see my adopted pink iguana species in the wild.

Nicolas Devos, sponsor of the Pink Land-Iguana

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The unique presentation of images and information in this book makes learning about herps fun. I strongly urge naturalists interested in the Neotropics to support the Reptiles of Ecuador book by adopting one or more species. I know I will, as I have before!

Dr. Robert A. Thomas, sponsor of the Thomas’ Racer

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Adopting a reptile is a rewarding way to show my support for reptile conservation and research. I adopted reptiles for both the Reptiles of the Galápagos and Reptiles of Ecuador books. These adoptions bring back memories of past field trips and the excitement of field trips to come.

Ellen Smith, sponsor of the Alcedo Giant-Tortoise

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I chose the snake because it was beautiful and wanted to donate to your very cool project to finish your book. I have been to Ecuador many time for birding but enjoy all nature and your book will be a wonderful addition to Ecuador natural history! Wish you well, looking forward to seeing the finished project!

Jill Hanna, sponsor of the Hammer Watersnake