Reptiles of the Galápagos

A field guide presenting images, distribution maps, and scientific information about the 58 species of reptiles of the Galápagos Islands.

Reviews: 4.9/5 (12 reviews

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A field guide that sets a new standard of excellence

Excellent field guide for both scientist and visitor alike. Beautiful illustrations and photographs with easy to read information on each species. Stunning photographs of geckos. A must have for any traveler going to the Galápagos. I will treasure my copy.

Ellen Smith

As a collector of field guides, I really enjoyed this book. The layout with maps of each island and the photos make field identification easy. The book is well written and covers everything you could want to know about the reptiles of this fascinating archipelago.

Patrick Hammond

Really groundbreaking field guide in the world of herpetology. This guide is not repeating or recyling already published info which I find to be a huge problem with other field guides these days. The species accounts are also very comprehensive and I learned a lot of new things about reptiles in the Galápagos.

Sebastian Högberg

Reptiles of the Galápagos is an exceptional field guide. The layout with photographic plates opposite each informative species' account is extremely useful, and the stunning two-page photos interspersed throughout the book provide nice context for the plate photos on white backgrounds. Sitting in my living room, the book has me fantasizing about my next trip to the Galápagos.

Roy Averill-Murray

This book is made with the rigor of professionals, but at the same time, it is easy to understand for all types of audiences. Very well structured, clear, with impeccable maps and photographs.

Mari Piñero Rodríguez

Superb! Accessible, thorough, and wonderfully beautiful, from the lovely cover (odd to love a cover, but it feels so nice in the hand) to the exquisite illustrations and accessible text. This book will be valuable to many, from the professional herpetologist to the casual tourist who wants to know more than the name of that animal it has just seen.

Kathryn Tosney, University of Miami

Supported by impressive photography, a complete piece of work suitable for beginners as well as experienced herpetologists

While expanding knowledge of species' ecology on a scientific level, this book is also a must have for beginning reptile enthusiasts that are planning to visit this archipelago in the future. Providing current maps and FAQ's with regards to native and even non-native species, this is a book that should be present on everyone's bookshelf. Through quotes from Charles Darwin himself, the reader is eager to visit these enamouring islands and experience the same wonder.

David Brouwer, Ecologist

Gold standard book on Galápagos reptiles

The long-awaited book has finally been published. Until now, there has never been such a detailed and exhaustive book.

Yoshihide Satomi, PhD, The Japan Association for Galápagos

Must have for reptile lovers

This field guide gives you every detail you need to know if you want to identify a reptile of Galápagos in the wild. The part I love the most is: "See it in the wild." It describes places/trails where you have a chance to see your target animal.

Tim Taege, biology student

Not only does this book cover the lesser-known species of reptiles in Galápagos, such as racers, lava lizards, and geckos, it also goes extremely in-depth for every taxa of reptile native to the islands. For example, the marine iguana is usually granted a page or two in most guides, illustrated with typical individuals and the occasional brightly-hued breeding male. In this book, the authors devote 14 pages to Amblyrhynchus cristatus, illustrating the different subspecies from each island, as well as different sexes, ages, and breeding colorations.

Jason Noble

A handy, beautiful, and comprehensive book

This beautifully illustrated field guide is a tour de force as it brings detailed and up-to-date information on distribution, natural history, and conservation status of all species of Galápagos reptiles.

Nicolas Vidal, PhD, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

Full of top quality pictures and descriptions about the wonderful reptiles of the Galápagos.

Daniele Tuzzolino

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Equal parts art, science, and empathy for wildlife, this book is not just a great contribution to the understanding and appreciation of herpetological fauna of the "magical archipelago," it is also a showcase for a new photographic technique to document reptiles at a resolution equivalent to that of a living reptile. Beautiful, informative, and fun to learn from, the Reptiles of Galápagos will be treasured by scientists, visitors, and local people of the Galápagos alike.

Cristina Mittermeier, Sea Legacy

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Now at last is a book that uniquely illustrates the amazing biodiversity among Galápagos reptiles. In page after beautiful page, you can literally see how evolution shapes every living thing.

Joel Sartore, National Geographic

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The need for a handy guide to the diverse Galápagos reptiles has finally been met. The illustrations are outstanding.

Peter Grant, Princeton University

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This is one of the best, if not the best, field guide to amphibians and reptiles that I have ever seen globally.

Miguel Vences, Technische Universität Braunschweig

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What a wonderful new field guide to the strange and remarkable reptiles of Galápagos. With innovative color photographs, up-to-date natural history information, and expert notes on conservation status, this indispensable guide will be as interesting and useful for travelers as it is to the scientific community. Congratulations to our friends and colleagues at Tropical Herping on this achievement. The photos are stunning.

Sven Lindblad, Lindblad Expeditions

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This new contribution to the knowledge of the reptiles of Galápagos does not only contain information of great scientific value, but a collection of photographs of extraordinary quality.

Roque Sevilla, Grupo Futuro